it would be easier to start a new year new me post, but it’s almost a month into 2018. i began this year with a lot of reflection, which quickly morphed into pessimism about future creative efforts. although my 4:44 review was featured in print for bitch media¬†and i was very excited about the accomplishment, comparison nearly robbed me of my own accomplishments. to review media in a way that is deeply reflective and personal is something that i want to continue in my style and approach, and that achievement i fundamentally believe that it’s one of the purposes of art; to inform and inspire. yeah, talk about whether you like it, how good it is, but how does it connect?

growing up, i would run to tower records in the mall to buy all of the magazines about music and media and imagine that i was smart enough, tasteful enough to write and explain my stance on the same things. growing over all, especially as a lover of music and literature, to be published in print has always been a dream– and i finally accomplished it. re-directing my sight to do this in an academic application, daydreaming about phds and fellowships. i have to reminder myself to focus forward on the things i want for myself instead of validation or recognition from people i don’t even know.

as far as photography, i am really competitive, and performative. i wish that i had a shiny new accomplishment to show off. but real reflection makes me consider and appreciate the growth. there’s a ton of stuff that i have shared on socials, but there will be photog updates here soon. i’m most proud of my experimentation with light and beginning the search for my own aesthetic.

got some other visual gems under the radar, a few new mediums i’m excited about playing with, new styles.